RE: ECMA-262/2015


If there are any ECMA-262 enthusiasts, let me know. It was done in 2015 and holds until this hour, i.e. I think. Anyway, I am still learning what I can when I can.

If I was to learn how to use JavaScript easier in my life, I think that the BBB and all variants would be an easier task for me. This is esp. true with all the sensors we can get our hands on.


If you are working on,, JavaScript and you want to learn alongside with me with the BBB and the various boards produced by the persons, just chime in.


P.S. Although my time is limited, I would like to start on a project with a couple of people who are looking to not know all too much but would like to try to learn how to know things. Seriously! This is now a discussion. Oh and does anyone know what form of JavaScript we are using in our BBB or can we just pick and choose? Aw!

Hello Again,

I asked this/these question(s) earlier because I need a BBB pal. I am planning on picking up some type of sensor and working with it for fun. Now, I have found a site called has a Wiki with a Linux reference, e.g. I was thinking we could pick some type of sensor and then go from that point.


P.S. We could we, we, we, all the way home or make bacon. I say we make bacon. So, if you would like and if you are interested, let us discuss and each purchase a Linux compatible device to test out with software. Hopefully, we can use Python or JavaScript. Who knows? I could learn a thing or two.

I’m a JavaScript fan, but not to the level of a spec enthusiast. I write a fair amount of code using node.js and GitHub - nodesource/distributions: NodeSource Node.js Binary Distributions makes it pretty easy to try a number of different versions on Beagles.

Hello Mr. Jason,

Seth here. I am not perfect with JavaScript but I thought working on the same page might work better than working alone. Thank you for the link. I will look into it.


P.S. I will try out your link and learn from there. I appreciate you and your team making this available for everyone, esp. me. Thank you again and I will try node.js more often. I read a bit online on their site but I keep getting side tracked with JavaScript, bonescript, and running .py files. Hey sir, does the JavaScript language have the ability to be run from the command line outside of node.js?