Is LibRobotControl still being pursued and maintained by anyone?

I am asking b/c I have a BBBlue and I just wired up some motors and wheels. The tests all pass, i.e. except for some PRU lib.

Anyway, I keep trying to use the lib. I am receiving errors.

The errors are dedicated to this idea:

the function is deprecated…

Are the docs still being kept?


Yes, I’m maintaining it as I have time.

Can you be more explicit in your question? What functions are you calling?

Are you using the latest version?


Yeppers. rc_test_motors.c is the source I think I am running while attempting to make two dc motors move from the motor controllers onboard the BBBlue.

I usually just run rc_test_motors. This is where I come across issues of deprecation.


P.S. I will check my version and check if I am using the most recent version. I think I am running the latest but that is only b/c of my updated kernel and image. I have one week to the Maker Faire. My BBBlue is held for now until after the faire. I will reply in under two weeks. Sorry for this matter taking longer than expected. Maker Faire 2021!