RE:Kernel config for BeagleBoard rev. C2


Thanks very much for your quick answer.

Probally ^^ you should attach your config..

Please find attached my .config file.

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config-3.2.0-rc6±20111231-1 (75.5 KB)

Have anyone tried linux kernel-2.6.29 uImage for beagleboard-xm ?
The same issue comes while compiling that version. I tried beagle-omap3-defconfig, it doesn’t work.
Kindly share the config file and patches required for kernel-2.6.29, I need to compile that for one application.

use 3.0.1 it works good


I'm afraid you have mixed up two threads with almost the same subject.

Anyway, as far as I know the beagle-omap3-defconfig target only exist
in the u-boot Makefile.
In the kernel you can use the omap2plus-defconfig target.
(Please crosscheck that dash(-) or underscore(_) is the correct
separator. I'm not sure and I cannot check it now.) If I can remember
correctly you can find these defconfig target scripts under the kernel
tree in acrh/arm/config directory.

Unfortunately I can not help you regarding the config file and the
patches. I also having issues how to create a working config for my

Best regards,