Reading encoder using PRU

Hi everyone,

My project requires reading an encoder pulse (1,000,000+ counts/sec) and pulsing a laser (or not) in response to that count. I was wondering if anyone has a way to read in the encoder counts from the eQEP into the PRU in a manner that results in little latency. I am leaning towards using an interrupt associated eQEP0 but I am not quite sure how to implement this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


No change! In order to use the eQEP in the PWMSS, you have to go over OCP port with at least 3 cycles latency. The latency may get bigger, it depends on the trafic → not realtime.

I see a chance to realize the task by counting by the PRU eCAP module or directly by a PRU-GPIO-IN, and controlling the laser by a PRU-GPIO-OUT.