Real-time Audio recording


I am using an OMAP3530 processor on a Beagleboard. My application
consists of capturing real-time audio signal from a microphone and
then process it in real-time.

I am using a Linux OS on OMAP3530. I use PortAudio libraries and
commands to capture/record the audio data from the Beagleboard. Now
this recording is done in an array of a fixed size. I am planning to
use the DSP to do computation on the captured audio data. SO I have
installed DSP/Link on the OMAP3530.

I tested the sample RING_IO program in the DSPLink and it worked fine.
Now I want to embed my application code into this sample RING_IO

I am planning to use the PortAudio commands and header files in the
RING_IO program and compile the entire RING_IO program using the make
command. Could someone please tell me if this (compiling the RING_IO
DSPLink program with the PortAudio libs and commands included in it)
is possible? If not, could someone please suggest how I might feed the
RING_IO's ring buffer with my audio recorded input in real-time?


Ramasamy Gopalan.

Can someone please help? I am desperately waiting for