Really dumb kmod question ...

I’ve flashed my B^3 with the minimal Debian distribution using a development kernel (very well) documented here:

One minor inconvenience is that modprobe and friends do not seem to be symlinked as implied by kmod. Worse kmod itself refuses to tell me how to install a module. Google shows nothing of use. Can anyone help me with the simplest example?

debian@arm:/$ kmod load /lib/modules/3.14.8-bone5/kernel/drivers/usb/gadget/g_audio.ko

invalid command ‘load’

kmod - Manage kernel modules: list, load, unload, etc


kmod [options] command [command_options]


-V, --version show version

-h, --help show this help


help Show help message

list list currently loaded modules

kmod also handles gracefully if called from following symlinks:

lsmod compat lsmod command

rmmod compat rmmod command

insmod compat insmod command

modinfo compat modinfo command

modprobe compat modprobe command

depmod compat depmod command

Pointers muchappreciated.


Hi, i know this advice comes late, but I was having a similar problem and found this post. I had no idea what compat meant.

Here is what I found use sudo to perfrom modprobe on Debian 9.

sudo apt-get install kmod


sudo modprobe -h

modprobe [options] [-i] [-b] modulename
modprobe [options] -a [-i] [-b] modulename [modulename…]
modprobe [options] -r [-i] modulename
modprobe [options] -r -a [-i] modulename [modulename…]
modprobe [options] -c
modprobe [options] --dump-modversions filename
Management Options:
-a, --all Consider every non-argument to
be a module name to be inserted
or removed (-r)
-r, --remove Remove modules instead of inserting
–remove-dependencies Also remove modules depending on it
-R, --resolve-alias Only lookup and print alias and exit
–first-time Fail if module already inserted or removed
-i, --ignore-install Ignore install commands
-i, --ignore-remove Ignore remove commands
-b, --use-blacklist Apply blacklist to resolved alias.
-f, --force Force module insertion or removal.
implies --force-modversions and
–force-modversion Ignore module’s version
–force-vermagic Ignore module’s version magic

Query Options:
-D, --show-depends Only print module dependencies and exit
-c, --showconfig Print out known configuration and exit
-c, --show-config Same as --showconfig
–show-modversions Dump module symbol version and exit
–dump-modversions Same as --show-modversions

General Options:
-n, --dry-run Do not execute operations, just print out
-n, --show Same as --dry-run
-C, --config=FILE Use FILE instead of default search paths
-d, --dirname=DIR Use DIR as filesystem root for /lib/modules
-S, --set-version=VERSION Use VERSION instead of uname -r
-s, --syslog print to syslog, not stderr
-q, --quiet disable messages
-v, --verbose enables more messages
-V, --version show version
-h, --help show this help

sudo modprobe <module_name>

My environment is dissimlar becasue I had to build and install linxu-gpib from source and edit the required config files a root.
I am using this to probe my GPIB ni device.

sudo modprobe ni_usb_gpib

Type sudo tail -f /var/log/mesages to see