Realtime Android

I'm going to loop in linaro-dev in case anyone else wants to chime in.

The canonical reference is of course Linux Device Drivers (LDD), but
I've also used Essential Linux Device Drivers and found it to be more
immediately applicable.


Thank you for looking into this.

I am the one who is using the currently unsupported craneboard by Texas
Instruments. To be honest I have very little driver writing experience. Can

The board is designed and supported by Mistral. I try to ping them to respond to queries on the BeagleBoard mailing list. I suggest you copy our list on CraneBoard queries to try to include Mistral until it gets to be too much noise that it should be broken out.

you recommend a good "reference, guide" method for determining the board
customization of the craneboard. So that I may attempt to create patches for
the craneboard.

Thanks! Are you looking at the patches Mistral sent previously? Zach sent a good book reference. Schematics are out there. Anything else you need?