Reason for bone-pinmux-helper driver removal in 6.1.69-ti-r20

I am working on a custom Yocto image for the beaglebone black and I want to use the config-pin executable. The executable relys on the bone-pinmux-helper driver.

I have a more recent release of the kernel which does not have the bone-pinmux-helper driver.

When looking through the git logs I found that the driver was taken out in 6.1.69-ti-r20 but can be found in 6.1.46-ti-r19 at drivers/misc/cape/beaglebone/bone-pinmux-helper.c and I couldn’t find a reason why it was removed.

Is it worth porting the driver and config-pin executable for my project or was there a specific reason for its removal that I should be aware of?

Thank you for your time,

Yeah, as written it is broken and getting more broken on every release. For the BeagleY-AI, i’m prototyping a replacement with gpio-aggregator…

Device tree example: src/arm64/ti/k3-am67a-beagley-ai-pinmux.dtsi · v6.1.x-Beagle · / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab
quick config-pin replacement: beagle-pin-mux · main · / beagle-pin-mux · GitLab

Once the BeagleY-AI is released and has more eyes on testing this, i’m going to backport this method to all our boards…



Good to know, thank you!