Rebuilt x-loader bricked BeagleBoard; Method to Bring Up Custom Board

Hi all,

I just bricked my BeagleBoard programming the x-loader I built. I
followed the instructions from
to get the latest x-loader source and build it. I then programmed it
on the first partition of NAND using the instructions from When I boot up the board,
nothing shows up. Is there anything special I have to do when
building the x-loader source? The various pre-built x-loader images
from this site and the site work fine but I can't my build
image to run.

By the way, I was able to recover my bricked board using the
instructions here:
I just want to make sure I can build a good x-loader image to run.

I'm able to build the latest u-boot and kernel and run them on the
BeagleBoard. I'm in the process of bringing up a custom board that
uses the OMAP 3530 processor and has similar hardware layout as the
BeagleBoard. Speaking of which, maybe the BB experts in this group
can help me: do you know what is the best (simplest) approach to
bringing up a custom board? Our custom board has the same POP (RAM
and NAND) as the BeagleBoard. I read the site and noticed
that the serial boot is one approach (
BeagleBoard#BootRom). What happens if our custom board hardware is
not perfect and we can't get the serial method to work? Do I then
switch to the JTAG method ( to debug
the x-loader and u-boot code? We have a XDS560R JTAG emulator and
we're in the process of ordering the 20-pin to 14-pin adapter so we
can hook it up to our custom board; we have the latest Code Composer
version that's supposed to work with the XDS560R and the OMAP 3530.
Any advice/guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



I figured out the x-loader build problem. I forgot to perform a
signGP on it, duh! My built x-load image is working now.

I'm still hoping for some advice/guidance on bringing up a custom
board from the BB experts here.