Recomended USB WiFi adapter

We are thinking of purchasing the BeagleBoard-xM. The Digi-Key
support page says that it support drivers for WiFi, but does not list
any recommended USB WiFi dongles. Can you please tell me a list of
dongles that this board supports?


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I tried ralink and realtek chipset.

i tried the dlink nano usb dongle which was based on rtl8192 chipset. took me a while to modified the kernel for not loading firmware before getting it to function properly.

ralink worked with the Angstrom demo image

rtl8192 works fine but you need to build the kernel module and copy the firmware.

update: the rtl8192 dongle I use proved to be unstable after passing 500-600MB of data. I use it with WPA encryption on the connecting access point. The following was observed:

  1. Loss of connection to the AP
  2. Could not reconnect to AP (reboot required)

Seems that the staging driver on 2.6.32 has some more way to the stable kernel tree…

I am using an rtl8187 based dongle now with much better stability (passed almost 4GB of air traffic).
I am skeptical about performance though as dd from the mmc was giving around 2-3MB/s with the rtl8192 where with rtl8187 only gives 500-600kB. I will definitely test more to find out what’s wrong. Any thoughts welcome.