Recommend wifi for BBB and debian

Does anyone have a recommendation for an usb to wifi ethernet for BBB running debian

If you are doing any wifi hacking the Alfa awus036h works well.

I’ve seen Robert post on these forums recommending a couple chipsets, search the group I’m sure you’ll find the post( too busy atm to look myself )

I just ordered this one since it is Respects-Your-Freedom certified by
Free Software Foundation: "No dependencies on NDISWrapper, binary
blobs, or proprietary drivers-firmware & works with most distributions
out of the box"

Trisquel 6, Scientific Linux 6.4, RHEL 6.4, CentOS 6.4, and Debian 7 currently require the installation of a driver, firmware, and/or kernel upgrade. See our support documentation for details.

The firmware source is here: