Recommendation for a development chain


I am quite new in this group and want to ask the experts for a recommendation of a development chain.
Up to now, I have good experience with PIC MCs, which I have programed in C and Pascal using the MPLAP cross development platform.

In order to get more performance for more complex projects, I have choosen the Beaglebone for its strong ARM and many port pins.
Because there are so many platforms and tools available, I am not sure, what to take.

The development on board via console with vi and gcc maybe useful for tiny projects, for me it´s too uncomfortable.

Cloud9 may be a good tool for education, it seems not suited for high performance and stand alone apps.

Code Composer Studio would be fine, but what happens if the 90 day testperiod is over. I did not find any license price on TI´s web.
I think, my hobby budget can/will not afford such a license.

Starterware is attractive for me, because of the near to hardware and expected good latency. But which cross tools?

I have read about Eclipse with ARM plugin, but have no idea, whether it works with Beaglebone.

There may be many others, but for me a cross development on Windows or Linux host would be optimal.

Thank you very much in advance for a recommendation.



Eclipse with the proper toolchain should work.
(At least theoretically, my Bone wasn’t shipped yet, so can’t tell for sure).

There are basically two things you need:

You can also set up remote debugging (on-device debugging), which is more convenient than “printf debugging” :).


I recommend you use OpenEmbedded + Angstrom as your development environment. reference detail:

Hi Norbyte,

Many thanks for your quick reaction. Yes, I will try your proposed path.
I have found on the forum an interesting link for the implementation of the Eclipse chain:

Maybe it is useful later on for Starterware as well.

Best regards

I would actually use the Yocto manual it is way more up to date and Yocto uses openembedded as its base. All applies and you can use either poky or angstrom.

my choise is for Texas Toolchain. You do not need to buy a license: if you chose the third option during the installation you can develop for life, with integrated or remote debug.
The onli limitation is that you can’t use a JTag debugger (realli you need tu stop Linux to debug you code ?!?) :slight_smile:

Y have appreciated the chois of Texas of fully support deveoping with BBon, not only for him AM335X EVM board.

Good Development!

Hi Cecco,

Many thanks for your valuable hint regarding CCStudio. I assumed, that the costfree version would only support TI 430.
Good to know, that it works with BB as well.

In order to support newcomers in the BB area, it would be helpful to have a kind of cookbook with a short hint of
the different solutions for development.

Hi Don, hi Vortune,

Many thanks for you OpenEmbedded hint. It seems to me, that this tool is suited for the develop of complete Linux distributions.
This task is currently too heavy for me.

Brest regards

I think the CCS is free even if you want to debug with JTAG on the BeagleBone using the onboard XDS100 emulator.

Marco Casaroli