Recommendations for turnkey LCD+Touchscreen configuration?

Hi there beagleboard folks,

I've just gotten a beagleboard and would like to add LCD+Touchscreen peripherals. Does anyone else have their BB's set up in this configuration, and if so would you like to recommend a turnkey'ish parts list for me to do the same? I'd be quite happy to order an LCD that is just plug-in-n'-go .. anyone got this bit worked out yet?


There is a link found at Interfacing BeagleBoard to Raw LCD that shows one way to do this. The LCD signals are not available for access on the rev B boards. So, you need to convert the DVI-D signals back to RGB 888 signals for use by an LCD. The Rev C boards, due out 1Q 2009, will have access to these signals on a dedicated connector.

If you want to do your own design, then you wil need a DVI-D to RGB converter.