recommended linux distribution for BBB ?

dear bbb experts.

for the beaglebone black:

I was playing around with the ubuntu 14.04 and 13.10 images, but this may not be the right route. (on ubuntu, I can’t get the fb to work right, X is not installed, and it does not come up as so, maybe I was going too exotic.) are the linux distributions on the two preferred distributions, as of late 2014? if so, the two distroes seem to be either debian or angstrom. the debian distro is about 7 months old, the angstrom one is about 1.5 years old (although the flasher is 3 months younger than the distro). their ages seem curiously dated. but if it works, it works!

what do jason and other BBB key developers use? is angstrom or debian now the right “supported mass” choice?



per the website Debian is the “official” distro. I personally run Arch Linux ARM on all mine. As to your no X on whatever image, that could have been easily solved installing the desktop of your choice. Pretty much everything you asked for can be found on the main beagle site or the elinux pages for the beagles

thank you. it is good to have this info here, because it will be more easy to google. I just searched a while longer on google to see where I overlooked obvious info on the recommended distro. it definitely isn’t that obvious. all I could find was that since april, the BBB ships with debian. (even though I purchased mine later, they still had angstrom on it.) thanks again. will flash now…

in general, it is hard for newbies to figure out what is on elinux and what is on moreover, unless one has perfect memory, rereading both sites when google fails is impossible. maybe I am just too old…

(I know how to install normal linux on ordinary PCs. the magic that I see, compared to a PC distro, is in making the USB port come up as a network. the ubuntu distro may work, but gave me the aforementioned trouble when out of the box.)


ivo, heh welcome to the old person memory failing club. But really most of this information sticks when you’re very active in using the hardware / Linux distribution in question.

The only real differences between these Linux hardware platform wise are all related to boot loaders. Otherwise, so long as the packages you need exist for armhf, they’re near identical.

As for the usbnet stuff, if you google “usbnet” and / or “g_ether” or “g_multi” you can find plenty of information on the subject. for setup, and usage etc. The kernel driver module for only usb networking is g_ether specifically. if you need / want usb networking, serial, and the neeto mass storage usb gadget, then g_multi is what you want / need. Do keep in mind, only one gadget driver can be loaded at one time.

Debian is also updated monthly by Robert Nelson from these groups AFAIK . . . who also maintains the official images.

Images on are official, tested, etc.

However if you would actually have booted the debian image from, you would have noticed a site listed over
ssh/serial/etc.. That mentioned a place for faq's on elinux:


Now if you go to that site, you'll noticed unofficial "snapshots" of
newer images below that.


Hey Ivo

Here is the two versions I use:



Good luck !


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