Reconfigure LCD data pins

Hi averyone,
Is it possible to change LCD data pins to another GPIO? The fact is that my cape does not allow the Beaglebone Black to boot normally, because LCD pins are used when BBB boot. Although if I connect it after boot BBB, then it works well. I tried to reconfigure the pins in the device tree so as not to touch the boot pins, but there is no signal on them. Although the cape attached in the slot.
Please help me, I’v no idea, what is wrong.
Here is my device tree-source:

Read the BeagleBone System Requirements Manual.
Section 8.3 and 8.3.1

It tells you several times about the requirement to protect the boot pins, which are common with the LCD pins.

During boot, long before the device tree has any effect, the processor must read the 100K pull up and pull down resistors on these lines, in order to know which options to use to boot.

If your cape puts any kind of load on these lines, that would modify the result of the processor trying to read the 100K resistors, then the processor will be trying to boot with some other wrong option, with the usual result of not successfully booting.

— Graham

thanks a lot!