Recording video stream with no display available

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if its possible to record video streams without the need of having a display. I know VLC can record video streams but sadly it needs a display. For example, telling the beaglebone to record a youtube video by just giving it the link without having a monitor in which to display the video (and I’m not talking about downloading the video). Or if there is a live stream, tell the beaglebone to record it by just giving it the link, again with no monitor in which to display the stream.

I am currently doing research on ROVs and I need this functionality to continue and I am running out of time. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

I use rtmpdump or curl to get video streams.

I think you can also use VLC from the command line (CVLC) with out a display but I’ve not tried it on the BBB.