Recreating SD card for BBmX: A little confused about where to get the files

I start here:

which says:

"To initialize your card under Linux, refer to the link to the Angstrom Demo Site. Follow the instructions found there, but use the images located on this site."

I presume that "this site" refers to, so I download the BeagleBoard-xM Rev C Image which is:

(I also installed p7zip so that I can properly unzip this)

md5sum is good, and after unzipping I have
xM Rev C Production 4-25-2010.img

Back to the instructions on the Angstrom Demo Site, to where it says:

"How to Unpack and Boot the Demo Image"

which first explains how to format the SD card and then refers to the following files:


But none of these were on the site, so I can't follow the instructions that say "use the images located on this site."

What am I missing?


Can you do it all on a Windows machine? If so, just follow the instructions on the Circuitco WIKI.