Reducing boot time


I have successfully installed ubuntu natty on Beagle Xm ver B but the
booting time is very high and i wanted a gui system with booting time
as less as possible

I also tried Angstrom linux on Beagle Xm Ver B. It is faster than
ubuntu but still takes a minute even with mpurate= 1000. i want to
reduce the booting time further. I wanted 20-30 sec boot time or even
less than that.

I think there are minimal images available which later can be
upgraded. does anybody have worked on booting time. Is modifying u-
boot or kernel to remove unwanted code is the only way. if anybody
have links to such images please post them

Thanks in advance


A web search on beagleboard + fast + boot turns up this:

Downside is that they use highly customized loaders and kernel which
may prevent you from running normal GUI apps. You might also benefit
from some of the customized loaders out there which go directly from x-
loader to the kernel, skipping u-boot. See this for more:


userspace boot takes about 3 seconds here on a 600mhz beagle booting into a GNOME desktop



If the time you specified is achievable it is great.Will you please
send me the link of the image.

I tried image generated by Narcissus and selected xfce gui. Did all
the prerequisites and booted by beagle Xm Ver B, but i dont see any
gui. I only see a login prompt on my display but i had selected GUI
and xfce as enviornment.

But if i get any link it would be great.

Thanks in advance