hello world,
Its great to find a place out of the many sites to let my queries get solved regarding the beaglebone black…Iam completely new to the world of BBB. Can any one brief a few things regarding the BBB?here are various things i knew and i need some details in depth.

  • The bbb has a 4gb 8 bit emmc onboard flash memory,isn’t it? the bbb has a micro sd card slot, how far this micro sd memory can be expanded? will it only support upto 4gb or even more?if so, how much?
  • how the data acquisition and data logging being done with beagle bone black?
  • how sampling is done and what is sampling rate?
  • is the data transfer takes place sequentially or simultaneowsly??if so why and how?
  • How long can the bbb work with an ordinaly 5v battery at max processing speed?
  • the 7analog input pins need voltage in the range upto 1.8v, how can i make sure that the data from sensors should be less than 1.8v? is there any down converter circuits available?
  • cant we do signal processing with bbb?
    i request anyone on the web to kindly show me some light in this regard…I am completely lost…

please give any references.