Reg GSoC Project: StarterWare Library Support

Hi Jason,
Sorry for the delay, I was unwell for a dew days and hence could not work. I am feeling good now and am back to the work with a bang :slight_smile:
Few points to discuss, you and/or any other mentors (I am cc-ing this to the mailing list as well) could guide me.

  1. I had proposed an Idea of having a web page interact with the app. You then suggested using a node.js server to connect HTTP to UDP/UART data and do achieve this.
    I think I would prefer leaving it from our project as it does not really come in the domain for this specific project, but nevertheless I am writing it here so it may be of benefit for any project.

  2. Next, I plan to do the Arduino/Energia library implementation (using the StarterWare functions for talking to ADCs, GPIOs, etc), wherein you wrote these host applications would need to be taught how to do the bootload and then establish the USB-serial connection to see output messages.
    I am a bit unclear as to how we would bootload these? (using BBBlfs maybe?) Can we establish the connection between BBB and host-pc as a UART with the host running a serial terminal application like hyperterminal?

  3. CCSv5 IDE is an option but you recommended moving StarterWare support to gcc. I would also agree to this as this would definitely be more helpful to the open-source hardware community.
    I read something about Linaro Toolchain for ARM. Am I proceeding in the right direction?

  4. Support for BBB using Energia
    This does not exist as of now, but we want to generate this support so that Energia could include it. This sounds new to me. How can we create support in energia, for a new board (here AM335X)? A little help in this direction will be helpful.

Currently I am working on setting up the StarterWare Library with gcc and going through its documentations.

Naman Govil

Hey All!
I did some more research and thought about the project implementation in more detail. Came up with a few design strategies, wanted review and assistance from the community.
Host Applications like the reading (analogread from ADCs), writing (analogwrite to PWMs), serial, etc through the startware library, need to be bootloaded. Can we use the USB Based Boot (which I found here: very interesting project indeed for this?

I also needed some assistance on how to begin porting support for BBB on energia? How do we go about doing this? Could I be pointed to somewhere where I could learn about this?

Naman Govil