Regarding GDB with OpenOCD on Beagleboard-XM rev B

Hey all,

I am using a beagleoard-xm rev b with a flyswatten2 JTAG debugger.
Lately, I ran into a weird problem while using openocd and gdb.
I have my own code that I am running on the BB-xm.
When I fire up OpenOCD and gdb, inside gdb I first load my code
using "load " and "symbol-file "
Now, I want to set breakpoints at certain locations in my code.
so I use "b " to do that.
What I have observed is that "b " does not set
breakpoint at the correct location.
For example: this is a snippet at gdb prompt:

(gdb) x reset
0x8200003c : 0xe59f1064
(gdb) b reset
Breakpoint 1 at 0x82000040: file …/system/start.S, line 27.

As you can see the address of “reset” is 0x8200003c, whereas gdb
sets a breakpoint at 0x82000040.

Can anyone explain to me why this might be happening?