Regarding some clarification about running opencv on beagle board

I am having some problem regarding using opencv library on beagle
board. I already booted the beagle board and working on Angstrom
environment, I want to use opencv libraries for my project
specification and My problem descriptions are:

1. Which complier / cross compiler will be needed for opencv.

2. From where we ll get that complier and steps to install it.

3. I am using "OpenCV_1.0" version on windows, Is their any other
version needed for beagle board(Angstrom).

4. Please specify the steps to install / compile the opencv on

Please specify the steps to run a example program over this.

If you are using any other open embedded environment instead of
angstrom please tell me the all this steps on that.

I believe opencv is now available for opkg install.
To compile applications for it try...

Building openCV applications on BeagleBoard

1) Already have Angstrom 2.6.29 running by following:

2) ffmpeg is already installed


1) run opkg update ( gets latest list of packages )

2) if you haven't already -
opkg install task-native-sdk cpp gccmakedep

3) add python packages with 'opkg install'
   python-distutils, python-compile, python-compiler, python-devel

4)opkg install ffmpeg-dev

5) opkg install opencv