Regarding using batteries for beagleboard xm

hi everybody,

My name is bharath. I am working on a Robotic project in India. I am
facing problem with beagleboard xm batteries. I want to run them on
batteries. I googled and found only beagle juice. The problem is we
didn't got vendors in india. Can any body suggest me another ways
powering it on batteries .

thanks in advance


You need to find a buck/boost board that will take the battery voltage and convert it to 5V, which the Beagle requires. Not knowing the size or voltage of the battery you plan to use, makes it a little tougher to answer. If you take a 6V sealed lead acid battery, it would provide 5V via the buck/boost to about 2.7V depending on the buck/boost board you used.


Hi Gerald ,
thanks for the replay . I had actually got the 8.4v traxxas summit
battery pack(3000mAh). I had used lm7805T IC ( 5v regulator) . The
thing is able to power the board. But when I connected to my laptop
using serial to usb converter I found the Operating system is not
booting. Again I shifted to the ac-dc adapter. The board is able to
boot the OS. After googling I found that the board will get restart if
it doesn't get enough power.

Regarding 6v battery can u mention 'Ah' ratings that could be more



AH is the total current the battery can supply over time. The battery is most likely not the issue. The 7805T may be the issue, What size heatsink do you have on it? What is the voltage output of the 7805?


I don't have heat sink on it now . The output voltage is 4.8 by
checking under no load

7805 provides 5V output, but I’m absolutely sure the issue is here because it can only give 1A or even less. The heatsink is a demand for this IC