Registering interest in "Sample PRU code interfacing with other kernel interfaces" project


My name is Adam Parker and I am a Systems Engineer for a startup out of Houston, Remüv Technologies Inc ( We have an interest in communication via the PRUSS of Sitara processors so we will be keeping an eye on this project as it progresses. Not only that but I would like to provide my services wherever possible to help along this project. I know I am too late to be a mentor, didn’t pay enough attention to GSOC talk this year unfortunately, but I would still like to be helpful to it any way I can. I am a previous GSOC participant with a project utilizing the PRUSS and I have several years of experience with communication protocols although generally in an industrial setting. Which if the mentors/participant were not already aware, is right at home in the AM335X/PRU with Ethercat/DeviceNet/Profinet/Ethernet/IP/etc already taking home in the cores in a professional setting.

I will have a tab open to the IRC (username: foreverska) during normal business hours (9-5 CST) but I do have other functions within the company so it will be for monitoring purposes mainly. I generally have an IRC client open at home and will have time to be more active from there.

Good luck to chanakya_vc in this exciting project and all the other GSOC participants as well,
Adam Parker