Registrations started for Hawktawks on Hawkboard - First session July 22nd

First session on Hawktawks starts July 22nd.

Registration Started:

More details here

Three Topics and associated schedule are below


First session on Hawktawks starts July 22nd.

On the registration page the first session is on July 20nd. Ist it correct?

Registration Started:

I really like the topics offered and just registered for the
first seminar. However, I would like to complain a little bit
about registration procedure :slight_smile: .

1. Why it is possible to register to only one webinar at a
time? (radio button at the first registration page).

2. At least my Firefox was complaining about invalid certificate
after pressing the registration confirmation button. Is it just
me or the certificate is indeed invalid?

3. The information about seminar time is very confusing - in the
announcement, the 11 a.m EDT is mentioned. At the second
registration page, there is a table where 10 a.m. *without*
time zone is mentioned and on the third page,
there is 10 a.m. CDT with the following table without time zone.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the offer and would be glad to listen
to the presentation. Thanks guys for offering it!



When this topic will be covered,

“Topic: Using C6Run to simplify DSP for ARM/Linux developers on the HawkBoard”

in earlier mail, date is mentioned as august 5th, i had little doubt, because in this mail, this topic was not mentioned.

Thanks and Regards,

We canceled C6Run from this schedule, it will be put out in our next
series in oct time frame.

But if any of you are interested in C6Run, then let me know we can get
you a drop to try things out. It is already working on Hawkboard.