Release notes/changelogs for Bullseye AI-64 images

This thread is, as far as I know, the definitive source of OS images: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots (ARM64)

However, there aren’t notes on what has changed (or a history of past images).

I know I can forage for information in the commit history of the various component repos (kernel, device trees, etc.) as well as the package repository repo, but those have minimal explanation and are difficult to track down. Is there a central place that at least mentions the high-level changes?

If not, could this be added? It would be entirely sufficient to have a post in the image thread for each release with a bulleted list of the couple major changes (which drivers were changed by, which 3rd party software packages were upgraded, etc.). Alternately, the Debian package changelogs currently seem to be progressively rewritten using a boilerplate “Rebuild for” message rather than adding new versions with notes; introducing notes into those files would also work since then we can review the history of the package archive repository. Whatever method causes the least friction is fine.

The two most important are: Commits · ti-linux-arm64-5.10.y · Robert Nelson / ti-linux-kernel-dev · GitLab

and Commits · v5.10.x-ti-unified · / BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees · GitLab

also tag notes help:


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Ok, thanks.

What version of the TIDL runtime is included in each image?

I am currently running the bbai64-debian-11.6-xfce-edgeai-arm64-2023-02-05-10gb.img.xz image and have upgraded all packages, including kernel to 5.10.162-ti-arm64-r94. The notes for that tag say TI SDK:, However, TIDL still expects the 0x20211201 model version number (8.02, IIRC).

TIDL is Kernel, U-Boot, plus dozen other libraries… Out of the box, it’s still TIDL 8.2.

I have a meta package to allow users to switch between different version, but as of today, only 8.2 is fully operational…


Ok, thanks. It would be helpful if there’s a straightforward way to learn what TIDL version an image supports.

Regardless, that answers the question! Do you have an order-of-magnitude estimate of when newer releases may be supported? 8.06 has been released with some fixes (supposedly) for bugs I reported and I’d like to test it out. But it sounded like the upgrade would be a lot of work so I get if it’ll be a while before you get it sorted out.