Released Beagle Media Client

Hello BeagleBoard Community,

I was given a beagle board over a year ago and today I'm releasing an
application to make playing media easier.

Beagle Tomb is a java based media client for mplayer. The original
function was to provide a simple interface for mplayer, on a
beagleboard connected to a television, on a local network. Although
Beagle Tomb was meant for beagleboard, it will function on almost any
linux platform that supports java and mplayer.

You can find the binary here:

or here:

Git Repo:
git clone

released under Apache v2.0 License

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks! Can you highlight any features/functions?


Beagle Tomb is a graphical client for playing songs, movies, tv,
audio, video.
The program caches and displays a mySQL database containing the
locations of files on a host mediatomb server.

I should add features also include:

stream files remotely over a local network
sync list of files from remote mediatomb server
play/pause/next/previous playlist functions currently working with
audio and video,
small resolution for s-video beagleboards

Plans to implement (already written in c):
add/edit/list playlists
MPC menu to control MPD audio server