Hello everyone!

I recently purchased a new beaglebone black and I’m starting to playing around with it. I’m trying to run my programs remotely from my Pycharm IDE to the beaglebone. I have tried with the ssh command scp, but I’m always getting an error “not such file or directory”, which makes me wonder: what path should I specify in Pycharm and where, to say “read the file from the directoy in my computer (windows) but use the beaglebone interpreter to run it on the beaglebone”. I have already configured the beaglebone interpreter in Pycharm, so that one is settled. The rest I cannot find any reliable or clear source. Can someone attempted this? I need some help. The reason behind this is because I’m building a complex application and it’s just easier to maintain order with Pycharm. Thanks!

If your question is about PyCharm setup, I can’t really help you there as I don’t use it, but if your question is about scp, I can help you there.

From windows, you can run the command:

scp user@bbbIpAddress:/home/user/projDir/

substituting your info for the various place holder names. This will place your local files to the directory of your choice on the Beaglebone.

Hopefully this can help you setup your environment!


I’ve never used pycharm( I’m not exactly a python developer ) but if you setup an NFS share to the directory you need to “bind” to, that should be all you need.