Remotely code with pocketbeagle

So I have been trying to remotely code with my pocketbeagle and I think the guides I found so far assume I am connected to my pocket via wifi instead of usb. I don’t know much about network and setting the ip’s, can anyone lend a hand?

The pocket beagle does not have wifi, so I would think the guides are for other beagles.

To start -

Assuming you are using Windows, then after you plug the beagle into your computer you should be able to SSH into it at address ( I believe that is the default IP address)

If you want the beagle to have access to the internet you will also need to setup Windows Internet Sharing and make sure any firewall/antivirus software you have running will allow the beagle to connect to the internet.

I already did the steps for internet connection. The pocket has access to internet.

Ok so your problem is how to remotely code ?

Personally I connect via SSH and either edit code directly on the device (don’t use the pocket) or more often I edit the files remotely via SSH, then just use a local terminal to run the code.

Does the Pocket also appear as a USB thumb drive in Windows ? You should be able to use any editor you have there to edit files on the USB drive and use an SSH connection to run the software.

You need to be a bit more precise with what you have problems with.

I want to have access to the pocketbeagle as if it was a folder in windows

Without installing and reconfiguring things on the Pocket Beagle, just grab: