Remoteproc not loading firmware


I’m facing an issue with Beaglebone Black PRU. I have successfully compiled a C program for PRU0 and copied it to /lib/firmware with name am335x-pru0-fw. But when I type sudo rmmod pru_rproc and then sudo modprobe pru_rproc I see only that both PRUs have been probed successfully, but there is no sign of firmware being loaded. My program doesn’t work at all so it seems it hasn’t been loaded… I have no idea why that could be. I’m coming back to PRU programming after a while, so this might be I’m missing something, but what is this?

My kernel is 4.9.36 ti rt

Dmesg output:


[ 361.101046] pru-rproc 4a338000.pru1: pru_rproc_remove: removing rproc 4a338000.pru1
[ 361.113437] remoteproc remoteproc2: releasing 4a338000.pru1
[ 361.113740] pru-rproc 4a334000.pru0: pru_rproc_remove: removing rproc 4a334000.pru0
[ 361.114703] remoteproc remoteproc1: releasing 4a334000.pru0
[ 365.601110] remoteproc remoteproc1: 4a334000.pru0 is available
[ 365.601329] pru-rproc 4a334000.pru0: PRU rproc node /ocp/pruss_soc_bus@4a326000/pruss@4a300000/pru@4a334000 probed successfully
[ 365.608375] remoteproc remoteproc2: 4a338000.pru1 is available
[ 365.608639] pru-rproc 4a338000.pru1: PRU rproc node /ocp/pruss_soc_bus@4a326000/pruss@4a300000/pru@4a338000 probed successfully


My uEnv file in /boot:


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it might not see the firmware..

sudo update-initramfs -uk `uname -r`

sudo reboot


@Robert - tried it, didn’t help…

I also now noticed that there is a message from remoteproc about loading some elf fw file… Here is my whole dmesg, maybe there is some misconfig there…

Thanks for a quick reply


The elf file is for the Cortex-M3 which is used for power management.


I don’t get it… What I did now is: git pull in dtb-rebuilder; then make all_arm and make install_arm - everything successfull; then sudo reboot;

Now whenever I boot the board or I do sudo modprobe pru_rproc - nothing happens, there is even no message saying that prus were probed successfully…

BTW - does the 4.9 ti rt kernel support pru through remoteproc driver? If yes, is it described somewhere how to configure it in this version of kernel?