Removal of the USB storage drive when connecting via USB

I am newer to linux/debian and am using the Debian 10 image from for the am3358 processor. When connecting via USB to the board once the board boots a mass storage device called “BeagleBone Getting Started” appears. I would like to remove this from appearing on my image when connecting via USB, however I still would like to maintain the ability I have to connect to the board and my LAMP stack using a USB wifi dongle in master mode, ethernet, modbustcp, and usb ssh. I know that this issue was on the previous forum board for an older version of debian so the solution posted there doesn’t work with the beagebone debian 10 image as the lines commented/replaced are different in the newer image. If you would like to help and need more information from me let me know. A solution to this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @elliottlyons what is the exact version you are running?

cat /etc/dogtag

Over the last year with Bullseye, i rewrote how that section works to clean it up. So the directions can vary depending on your version…


Hi Robert,

cat /etc/dogtag returns: Debian Buster IoT Image 2020-04-06

Thank you for your speedy reply!

That’s under


set: USB_IMAGE_FILE_DISABLED=yes in /etc/default/bb-boot and it should disable it…


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As for Robert’s Debian 11.x (Bullseye) images which work just fine, I managed to do it like this:

mv /etc/ /etc/

Then eject the Windows drive (or unmount) from the host computer and reboot the device.