Replacing Cloud9 IDE with VS Code Server (bb-code-server)

Project cloud9 is dead but, it’s old (open-source) version still comes preinstalled with every beaglebone hardware. It needs to be changed and to do that we have shifted towards VS Code Server based soulution called bb-code-server. If your beaglebone image runs cloud9 and you want to use VS Code instead then this is for you.

Let’s quicly remove cloud9 and install bb-code-server on you BeagleBone hardware,

  • Update and upgrade
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade
  • Remove Cloud9
    sudo apt remove c9-core-installer
  • Install VS Code server (bb-code-server)
    sudo apt install bb-code-server
    sudo reboot
  • Start VS Code Server on
    sudo systemctl enable bb-code-server
    sudo systemctl start bb-code-server
  • Optional auto-start on boot
    sudo systemctl add-wants bb-code-server

Keep tinkering :wink: