RepliCape Waiting Room - Or: Its all about capes, not the bones

Foreword: This is NOT targeted for Elias Bakken! I guess he is the last to blame.

Hi all,

I am one of the lucky ones who bought one of the RepliCapes from the first batch on Being busy with other stuff as well, I don’t mind a delay of some weeks - but now we are somewhat like ten weeks behind the schedule.

I know CircuitCo is hard working on ramping up production of the BeagleBone and its new revision, yet I want to express my thinking of this matter: It’s not particularly the BeagleBone what makes the BeagleBone unique in the vast range of ARM-based embedded boards - it’s the capes.

If I would need more processing power, I would go for Odroid-X3. If I need availability for decades and processing power, I take a sip from Freescale imx6 bowl (Wandboard, UDOO, Riotboard, whatever). And going cheaper, there is still the RPi with its ridicolous board layout. But - I love the Beaglebone Layout with its cape support. Making own capes or BUYING someones other cape at my specific needs is the key strength of the whole Beaglebone ecosystem.

The Replicape won the one and only CapeContest so there seems to be quality as well as demand. For what reason does it take so long?


My last trip down to Dallas, CircuitCo gave me a Replicape. I believe
the fundamental issue is how they perform testing. Anyone got a good
testbench for them?



I am sure they are working it out (or already have) but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to hear some thoughts from community members. if for nothing else than to give me something to run on the board to check it out other than LinuxCNC.

Can't you just run Elias' software?

...but for a testbed, just about anything that can twiddle I/O should
work. I'd probably start off with some python code, and pull the PRU in
if needed, probably with the code written in Forth just because. :slight_smile:

I also here there's some sort of node.js thing a lot of folks are all
excited about, but it makes no sense to me. I grok C, Forth, and
assembly, but I can't keep up with what all these youngsters are up to
these days. Sure, it's all "beans" and "gems" until somebody pokes an
eye out! :wink:

Hi, guys! I just completed a test script and a video to go along with it.

Here is the video:

And here is the script:

It is a python script, but it mostly pushes G-codes to the Redeem daemon. I’m sending this to CircuitCo now and hopefully that will kickstart the process!

The video was stuck on “processing” for some reason. Here it is again:

Week 21 - any news?