Replicate the existing image having few external applications in 100 new BBB

Hello all,
I have a Beaglebone black and installed with Debian IoT image.
I’m running few python applications in it.
I want to make a new Image with the existing image that should include my python applications and install this image in 100 new BBBs…
And few things like ifconfig settings (set a static IP), internet settings and installation of python libraries should be automatically done while the image installation is in progress…
How can I do this?
Is it possible?

You can create an image of your BBB image, with all your changes to is. That image will be stored on a computer. You can then copy that image to your 100 new BBBs.

The exact method of doing this varies based on the computer operating system you are using. Google for “how do I save an image from a Raspberry Pi”. I know you are concerned about a BBB but the procedure is the same on the Raspberry Pi as the BBB and you will probably get more search results if you search for saving RPi images.

Basically the procedure is something like this. Again, the exact method of doing this varies depending on your computers OS.

  1. Install the SD card from the BBB into a card reader connected to your computer.

  2. Determine how your computer identifies the SD card.

  3. Copy the image from the SD card to the hard drive of the computer.

  4. Remove the SD card and insert a new blank SD card.

  5. Determine how your computer identifies the new SD card.

  6. Copy the image from the hard drive of the computer to the blank SD card.

  7. Insert the new SD image into another BBB.

  8. Verify it performs like you need.

  9. Repeat steps four to eight 99 more ties.

OOPS…I just noticed you set a static IP address. This procedure will make all 100 BBBs have the same static IP address. No bueno. I think you are going to have to manually modify every new device to have unique static IP addresses. Everything else you listed should be fine on the new BBBs.


There's a built-in "cloning" script, it'll create a microSD based off
your eMMC to clone to multiple bone's..

cd /opt/scripts/tools/eMMC/
git pull
sudo ./