Repo for C lib to access the BeagleV-Ahead's Xuantie C910's ML hardware?

Ok maybe really dumb question but I’m very interested in getting a BV-Ahead and developing at a low level (C or even bare-metal) with its C910 processor and its apparent neural network processing capabilities to learn about hardware ML. The problem is that I’m not seeing good open source bindings for this. There’s GitHub - T-head-Semi/csi-nn2: An optimized neural network operator library for chips base on Xuantie CPU. but looking at the headers, it suggests that it supports the c906, the c907, the c908, the c920, and the c920v2 but strangely there are no headers for the c910. What am I missing here?

Additionally, I’d like to learn about the NPU from a lower level. I can learn from looking at the code for such a library but I’ve been unable to read the c910’s manual because it is in a language I can’t read (Mandarin, I believe) and google searching for an English version has yielded no results for me. I tried chucking it into google translate but it did not come out good. If someone could point me to an English translation, I’d be very appreciative.