(report) Ubuntu can see microSD

Hi, just reporting…

Ubuntu (BB-eMMC-flasher-ubuntu-13.04-2013-06-14.img.xz from http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu) can see microSD when running from eMMC.

Yeap, my image has been doing that for awhile. :wink: It's all in u-boot:


I know your debian image on rcn-ee.org.
Thank you for share.

在 2013年6月19日星期三UTC+8下午11时47分15秒,RobertCNelson写道:

It’s curious that your Debian image doesn’t see microSD.

Was it plugged in before power/bootup?


I can’t remember. Are you saying it has to be inserted before boot for both Ubuntu and Debian?

yeap... microSD hotplug doesn't exactly work at this time. :wink: