Repurposing pins for GPIO

Hi there,

I just got on my hands a brand new BeaglePlay. At my company we’d like to use it to replace our good ol’ BeagleBone Black.

The first hurdle is that the BeaglePlay has way less GPIOs to work with. Do you think it’ll be possible to change some outputs (besides the obvious ones like QWIIC or mikro), say CSI pins so instead act as GPO pins?

We’d rather not create an expansion board to provide GPOs

Thanks for any insight!

sudo echo ' fdtoverlays /overlays/k3-am625-beagleplay-release-mikrobus-set-gpios-all.dtbo' | sudo tee -a /boot/firmware/extlinux/extlinux.conf

Will change all the pins to GPIOs

Thank you roberte1997!

I searched the name of the overlay you gave me and I stumbled upon information that might help me even more.

Much appreciated