request to rma Bone SD Card.

Would it be possible to rma my bone SD card? I attempted for almost a week to rewrite both the factory image and the latest angstrom image to no avail. no errors are given, it simply does not work after explicitly following the directions linked at


(though the directions above appear to be windows only and adapting them has been troublesome)

I have posted multiple queries on this list, and tried IRC this morning. no solution has been found.

What’s the next step? I’d like to RMA the sd card. The board works fine, as proven bu booting from the TI devkit sd card that also comes with. The card in question worked fine until a failed opkg update, followed by multiple restore attempts. what gives? please help!


You can certainly request an RMA.

You could just ask them to sell you a new card and send it to you if you are convinced the board is fine.



rma filed, card is on it’s way to beagle hospital.


Was the RMA Approved?


Approved? Didn’t know there was more to it than simply putting it in… The page just takes your info, emails it off and lists a shipping address to ship to, so I shipped the card. was pretty worthless here anyway as it wouldn’t boot the bone as it is.


Yes, rma was approved. should really be a simple swap.

I agree, the RMA page should state to wait for a Approval before sending out the board. I had missed this when requested RMA and had already packed it up for posting when I got the Approval through as I didn’t know I needed one.

I will see if we can add that. It clearly states that in the System Reference Manual but not everyone reads the manual.



something on the rma page about the steps in the rma process (that there is more than one step…) would be good. I do look at the SRM occasionally, but it’s a reference manual, not something I generally look at for leasurely reading. It gets looked at to find the info needed at the moment and once found closed until I need that info again. really would not have thought to even look there for rma info.


That is where we tell you about the RMA process. Understood on the RMA process. This is the first complaint we have had in four years, so I will see if we can add something to the page.


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Hmmm…logic. Refreshing!

Oh, the RMA page has been updated.


When you are already in the process of updating the SRM: could you please somehow manage that the PDF contains hyperlinks from the table of contents to the actual sections? Please…


2012/3/21 Gerald Coley <>

I will try, but no promises. We use a PDF writer program and not the full Arcrobat, so that makes it tough to do.