(request) visible microSD when running from eMMC


When running from microSD, both microSD and eMMC are visiable as /dev/mmcblk[01].
But, when running from eMMC, microSD is not visible. Can both devices be made
visible regardless which device is running Linux? This would save lots of swapping
that I’m currently doing, trying out Angstrom, Debian, and Ubuntu.

There is an issue with the card detect in the TI driver. Once they fix it, I think everyone would be happy to take advantage of it and provide support. This has been on our list of issues for, oh, about 8 moths now.


They are TI. It is an issue with the TI code that controls the TI processor. Yes, it is broken everywhere. However, some people have reported it working with a SW workaround. People being members of the community.

I suggest you search the forum for this possible work around until we can get it fixed…