Requesting board for Kodi development

Hi Everyone,

I am a member of Team Kodi (gnif) and I have been looking for a new way to sink my time into the project since I finished my work on the Audio Engine development. I would like to put my hand up to port Kodi to the new X15 to provide an alternative to the RPi that is IMO actually worth using, so when boards are available can I please be put on the short list to obtain one?

Thanks for joining the X15 discussion group. We’ve been pretty quiet lately waiting on some fixes to the board due to a power management chip issue before we can start shipping prototypes again. Boards are in very limited circulation right now (maybe half-a-dozen out there?). Anyway, getting on this mailing list was the way to get on the short list right now, so you are there. Look for a message from this list when prototypes become available.

We currently have no boards. Zero. All boards were shipped to TI. There is a beta build that may happen in 6-7 weeks. If I am lucky, I will have 5 total boards for the community. At that point, I need to be convinced as to how much will be contributed to the shipping kernel by the person that gets one. The bar will be very high.


Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the information, I understood that this may have been the case and was just putting my hand up for when there is some available. Personally I have worked a lot with embedded ARM Cortex micros, and bare metal programming of the RPi, I would be happy to lend a hand to the development of any kernel features that are needed or missing.

My main specialty is in the audio field as I have performed a ton of work on Kodi (then XBMC) making a platform agnostic audio engine and debugging driver issues with AMD HDMI LPCM. If any assistance is required in these areas I would be happy to help where I can.


We will keep you in mind. I hope to get more boards, but we are still in layout on the beta board. I don’t know when we will be done. Everyday there is something else that is suggested to fix something that is already working, but simulations says it sin’t working…