Requirement for working on Beagle Board Projects


I am Widi Oremo a student of BSc. Computer Technology at JKUAT in Kenya.

I would like to contribute to Beagle Board as part of GSoC but I have no previous experience working with BeagleBoard. I only have basic experience with Arduino, Galileo and Waspmote.

Kindly advice me if I can learn while on the program as I work on my project or do I need to have the Knowledge and Experience before hand?

Thank you.


hi Widi,
kindly go through youtube videos by Derek Molloy to learn to use beaglebone …
to know about PRU go through Jason Krinders videos on youtube.

for GSOC

you can start working on these ideas or can also come up with your own ideas for gsoc…
then can discuss the relevant information about it on IRC with the mentors of the project …