Reset factory BeaglePlay

I have a BeaglePlay, and I want to flash an custom image built with yocto.
But when I want to flash to the eMMC with the file core-image-minimal-beagleplay.wic.xz from the SD with I have a kernel panic.
On the putty console, I have:
‘/opt/u-boot/bb-u-boot-sk-am62/tiboot3.bin’ → '/boot/firmware/tiboot3.bin cp: cannot create regular file ‘/boot/firmware/tiboot3.bin’: Read-only file system
I made also an erase of the eMMC storage
I don’t know how to make a reset factory.

Grab a flasher from here to help reset: ARM64 - Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots - 2023-10-07