Resistance to vibrations, shocks, humidity and dirt

Hi guys,

I want to put a BeagleBoard into an R/C-Car and control the steering servo. It’s obvious that there are vibrations or even some dirt and humidity underneath the body of the car.
Could the Board withstand these influences? Or does it need an extra case?
The existing topic about durability only gives answers like “it’s not less durable than all the other boards on the market”.
So I would be happy to receive some specific experiences

There are several BeagleBoards out there. Is this the BeagleBone Black? Vibration should not be an issue. Running it through a puddle of water? That would be an issue I would at least attempt to keep if from getting exposed to dirt as that can have conductive and corrosive material in it. Maybe a piece of plexiglass under the board.

Thank you for your answer. That informations confirm, what i was thinking before. And yes, I meant the BeagleBone Black. But does that make a difference? Are the other BeagleBoards even more resistant? Currently it’s not 100 percent clear, which board will be chosen for the RC-Car.