Rev C. Interfaces

Hello Folks,

    Will there be at least one of the camera inputs exposed in the Rev. C board somewhere? Being stuck with USB camera inputs on a chip /w dedicated hardware for high-resolution (cheap!) camera modules is a bummer. Plus the DSP is just begging to get used for video / image processing, etc.

Todd Pack

The most recent Rev C mockups posted here don't bring out the camera
inputs. I'm also using the BeagleBoard for DSP video processing, and
I've found that the USB OTG jack on the Rev B is actually pretty
good. The consumer webcams I'm using are comparable in cost to camera
modules but have somewhat better optics for my use. Also, they are
capable of streaming 800x600 YUV or Bayer at 25fps with no frame
latency (the rolling shutter snaps under a millisecond before the data
arrives via USB).

One nice thing about using the MUSB port on the Rev B is that you can
pull data directly from the camera into the DSP scratchpad without
going through main memory, saving bandwidth. So it's really not all
that bad.

- Nathan

The integrated camera interface will not be provided on the Rev C.


Hello Nathan,

can you say which cameras do you use?


At the moment I'm using Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks due to the
convenient motorized focus lens. But Logitech sells cheaper UVC
cameras. One advantage of using a Logitech UVC is that the Quickcam
team documents all the hidden features like exposure control, white
balance, and raw bayer mode:

- Nathan