Rev C on sale now at Digi-Key

All new orders will be for Rev C starting now. Same part number, same

The system reference manual has been updated. The training
presentation and website will be updated in a few days.

RevB are not avaible anymore?


Congratulations to the BeagleBoard team for keeping the price the


Digi-Key doesn’t seem to have updated its website to reflect the availability of the Rev C.

Ilyes Gouta.

Add one to your cart, and you will see this description: "KIT DEV

Jason, thanks for letting us know.


No more Rev B boards.


you can tell by clicking through to:


Just curious – does anyone have an estimate of how many Beagle’s have shipped so far?



just a snippet of info:
digikey sells rev c, but the picture on their web page is still that
of a rev B. The video connector for rev C is at a different place, and
on the old place are now holes for the lcd signals.


So, how solid is the Rev C? Is there any known hardware issue that are going to be fixed in later revisions?
Can we get some insights on how the validation process is driven?

Ilyes Gouta.

All of the known issues are covered in a blank table in the System Reference Manual. We have been working with it for several months now. The only significant change is the USB Host and the added memory. It also has a new UBoot.

There are no known issues to be fixed in later HW revisions. There is a later revision coming, but it has nothing to do with fixing any known issues. It adds grounded mounting holes that was requested by several people in the community.


Was the picture in digikey updated with Rev C? Where can I get the picture of this Rev?


2009/3/26 Gerald Coley <>

The System Reference Manual has pictures, which can be found here:


the pic at digikey appears to be that of the rev B. the dead
giveaway is the lack of the 2 20-pin connectors for access to the LCD
signals, which you can see at the very beginning of the C2 system
reference manual.


The picture is indeed Rev C. It is in the process of being updated by D/K today. There are plenty of pretty pictures in the System Reference Manual.


I just tried to order one online and there none available.

Get up early on Tuesday morning and they will have more in stock.


They should accept back-orders. They did in the past.

Hi All,

Can anyone suggest a compatible case and touchscreen for the Beagle Board Rev C?

I'm thinking the Rev B case from Special Computing is compatible w/ the Rec C board but haven't confirmed. Touchscreen should connect to Rev C board using an existing connector and have driver support (wo me having to find or write one).

Thanks in advance,