Reversed Image on LCD - BeagleBoard-xM Display Panel ULCD7

Hi there,

I have an issue with my screen display. I purchased the Beagleboard -xM and the Angstrom OS build (pre-built).
So I haven’t done anything novel or contentious with the OS.

The LCD was purchased from digikey as shown.

Despite whichever OS I boot up with and use, the image appears reversed, with text and images from
right to left. (Much like Hebrew)

Has anyone come across this issue and how do I overcome it?


Not sure why it is. There are resistors on the board that set this function.

This was an issue with older XM SW. Not sure if you got the latest or not.


I’ll look into this possibility. So as I understand, that the resistor may be a “pull-up” or “pull-down”, that sets a logic
level and hence the inversion?

Had the same exact problem.
Downloaded the Angstrom 01-11-12 image from

and wrote the microSD using a terminal on my Mac. The updated image corrected the screen orientation and made the touchscreen work.