RF expansion for beagle board?

Hi guys I would like to find out if there is any ready expansion board
for beagle board that have RF capabilities. I wish to develop a
wireless controller. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks!

RF is very broad term. Can you be a little more specific?


Hi, we looking for a simple rf module to transmit and receive wireless
signal and control LED on/off. Have u guys have tried similar

OK. So, are we talking WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee or some other thing? WIFI and Bluetooth are definitley available. You just plug in a WIFI or Bluetooth module into a USB port. If you are talking Zigbee, then I am not sure that I have seen anything. If you are talking lower tech wireless technology, then anything that takes data via a I2C, SPI, or UART should be able to work with the appropriate SW.