[RFC][Patch 0/0] U-Boot V2 Patches

Hi Folks,
Based on today's IRC discussion http://www.beagleboard.org/irclogs/index.php?date=2008-05-20

I am sending a bunch of patches as follows:
001-arch-config.patch:[Patch Try 3] U-Boot-V2: ARM: Add ARCH lowlevel Init
002-clock-overflow.patch:[Patch] U-Boot-V2: Handle case of clock rollover for get_time_ns
003-lds-handle.patch:[Patch] U-Boot-V2:ARM: Fix lds file for multiple section enable.
004-arm-makefile.patch:[Patch] U-Boot-V2:ARM: Remove unwanted flags from Makefile
005-arm-modifiable-malloc.patch:[Patch] U-Boot-V2:ARM: Introduce capability to have different stack/malloc area
006-add-sizes-to-arm.patch:[Patch]U-Boot-V2:ARM: Add sizes.h
007-partitions.patch:[Patch] U-Boot-V2:Common Make partitions configurable
008-fixloadb.patch:[Patch] U-Boot-V2:Commands Unbreak loadb support
009-add-NS16550.patch:[Patch] U-BootV2:Serial: Add support for NS16550 Driver.
010-OMAP-addbase.patch:[Patch 1/4] U-Boot-V2:ARM:OMAP3: Add support for OMAP and Cortex A8
011-OMAP-add-silicon.patch:[Patch 2/4] U-Boot-V2:ARM:OMAP3: Add support for OMAP3 Silicon files
012-OMAP-add-SDP3430.patch:[Patch 3/4] U-Boot-V2:ARM:OMAP3: Add support for SDP3430 Development Platform
013-OMAP-add-documentation.patch:[Patch 4/4] U-Boot-V2:ARM:OMAP3: Add documentation

I am sending individual mails for comments per patch :).. Apologies on the spam.. I am planning on sending these to the U-Boot list tomorrow, so looking forward to any ack/naks or signed-offs ;).. Everyone is welcome to comment :).. For those looking for a git patch.. forgive me, but I am still a quilt junkie ;)...

* Pretty limited! Just a peripheral mode download to SRAM and loadb command over serial port works! But it gives infrastructure to add anything further.
* For some reason the image which works on SDP3430 seems to work on Beagle Rev A.3!!! ;)... kinda fine for the time being..

Essential Details for folks starting off with U-Boot V2:

U-Boot V2 can be seen here:

Git trees:

Code has been compiled with Code sourcery ARM GCC 2008Q1 (EABI version).


Built on a vmware Ubuntu 8.04. Others might work.. I have not tried..

Nishanth Menon


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Subject: [beagleboard] [RFC][Patch 0/0] U-Boot V2 Patches
Based on today's IRC discussion http://www.beagleboard.org/irclogs/index.php?date=2008-05-20

Just documenting what Dirk found (thanks Dirk):

I am sending a bunch of patches as follows:

Tons of checkpatch errors - am working on fixing them. It seems Wolfgang insists on checkpatch compliance (atleast where possible)..
It seems Uboot list has a 40K limit, so I am recommended to split the big ones into smaller set.

Built on a vmware Ubuntu 8.04. Others might work.. I have not tried..

Couple of quick steps for building:
alias mymake='make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-eabi- V=1 ARCH=arm'
mymake omap3430_sdp3430_per_uart_defconfig
mymake ==>generates a uboot.bin

If you are interested in documentation, install graphviz and doxygen and do a 'mymake docs'. documentation is available in Documentation/html.

Nishanth Menon