[RFC] U-Boot-V2: NAND support

Hi Folks,
Aattached are the 6 patches for supporting NAND devices with h/w ecc.
You'd probably need a u-boot which boots from SDRAM (second stage boot
for trying it out).
Commands would be:
nand -a /dev/nand0 (add bad block support device /dev/nand0.bb)
erase /dev/nand0.bb (wipe out the entire memory)
loadb -f /dev/nand0.bb -> download to nand memory.

Please note: I played a little around with beagle - seems to download
data fine, also seems to download 90meg to SDP3430 - have not done that
form of tests on beagle yet.. Specific to beagle, U-boot v2 still needs
tweaking before being able to run as first stage x-loader from NAND..
probably need to enable environments etc..
(Attached is a beagle .config file to test with)

Patch log:
[PATCH 1/6] NAND:Config change

Introduce config definitions similar to that
defined in Linux MTD layer. These allow us to
enable conditional features.

Signed-off-by: Nishanth Menon <x0nishan@ti.com>

u-bootv2-omap-nand-rfc2.tgz (14.4 KB)