RISC-V Open Hours

I’ve recently kicked off RISC-V Open Hours provide the opportunity for the RISC-V community to interact in real time, with a particular focus on RISC-V support in open source software projects, like Linux, and RISC-V development boards.

There is a mailing list here:

The upcoming dates are:

Wed, Oct 13, 7:00 PM US PDT (Asia morning on Oct 14)

Wed, Nov 3, 9:00 AM US PDT (European early evening)

To join each meeting, you will need to register on the community event page and at the time of the event you can go back to the event page and click join event now.

  1. Create an account here: community.riscv.org
  2. Join the Open Hours community here: https://community.riscv.org/risc-v-open-hours/ You will automatically be notified of events once listed.
  3. Register for each event/meeting you will attend and add to your calendar.
  4. At the time of the event, go back to the original event page and click join or join from the link in the email confirmation or join from the calendar invite link that you created.

It would be great if anyone had anything they would like to present, demo or discuss.

Details here:

Here is the previous Open Hours: